Fiat Plastik’s workers ready to take their protest to the next level

“Fiat Plastik’s workers feel betrayed, deprived of their rights and disappointed because ten days after the Minister of Labour, Darija Kisić Tepavčević, promised to send inspectors to examine the company, nothing happened as yet”, said the company’s Independent Trade Union.

“The state leadership is obviously powerless to ensure legal security for all citizens, as the interests of a foreign company are put above the Constitution and laws of this country,” the union states.

According to the union, once again Kisić Tepavčević has not kept her promise. “Either that or a fake inspection of the company was carried out without the trade union being notified, which did happen in the past too,” the trade union says.

The workers of Fiat Plastik are losing patience. “There is no doubt that the state has sided with a large foreign investor and against its workers, which is why some sort of radicalisation of the protest will be inevitable,” the union warns.

It also says that the workers “have been patient for far too long and have done everything to avoid an escalation and find a solution to the problem”. The union adds that they have long avoided interfering in political matters, but that now everyone is losing both patience and confidence that this will be resolved as “this is obviously a political problem”.

(, Beta, 11.10.2021)

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