Fiat Plastik’s trade union asks for a meeting with the FCA management

Fiat Plastik’s independent trade union from the Kragujevac-based factory, which is owned by Fiat Chrysler Automobiles Serbia (FCA), has asked the company’s management for an official meeting after the announcement that the electric Fiat Panda will be produced in the factory in 2024.

The union’s vice-president, Zoran Miljković, told the Beta news agency that Fiat Plastik’s trade union had not been told about executives from the Stellantis corporation, under which Fiat operates, arriving in Kragujevac and that last week they met only with the president of the FCA union, Saša Djordjević.

Miljković believes that the arrival of Stellantis’ executives was an opportunity to find a solution to the problems that Fiat Plastik’s workers have been facing since they went on strike in late February 2021.

“We think it is good that a contract for the production stipulating production of an electric model in Kragujevac has been signed, but there are also many unknowns. We have asked FCA’s general manager for Serbia, Nikola Jerotijević, to explain to us what repercussions the contract will have on the jobs and operations of Fiat plants,” Miljković said.

He adds it is certain that a period of preparation for the announced start of the production of electric Fiat Panda in the second half of 2024 will follow, and he expects very little to be done in the following year and a half, as workers will probably be on paid leave for at least six or seven months. Miljković says he has information that Fiat workers in Kragujevac will only work for two days in May, and then be sent on paid leave until September. “The key question is how are the workers and their families going to survive on the minimum wage during that transition period,” Miljković warns.

He also underlines that the union’s concerns are related to the preservation of jobs when the production of electric vehicles begins, as fewer workers will be needed. “The union’s position is that nobody should be laid off,” he adds.

(Danas, 03.05.2022)


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