Fiat Plastik continues to violate Serbian laws

Fiat Plastik has continued to ignore legitimate demands of the strikers and to violate the relevant law, even after the intervention of the line Ministry, the factory’s trade union has said, while pointing out that Fiat itself refuses to negotiate.

“This is a violation of the Labour Law. We are now in an identical situation as in 2017, where a foreign investor puts itself above the Constitution and laws of Serbia, which clearly shows who we are dealing with and who we are fighting against,” the trade union’s press release reads.

The independent union recalled that Fiat promised the Minister of Labour, Darija Kisić Tepavčević, to start negotiations with the strike committee as it was clear to the Ministry that Fiat Plastik was violating the law, which is why criminal charges were filed.

“Fiat continues with the illegal process of relocating parts of production to another factory, while the strikers are on forced leave, which is a great shame for the state as well; the big foreign investors decide more and more arbitrarily,” the trade union adds.

They also ask Fiat whether such a thing would be possible in Italy and what the union would do in that case. “What is different here? Are we being colonised for our money in our own country?” Workers in other state-subsidised foreign companies are asked to “raise their voices if necessary because silence makes the situation difficult for all of us,” the trade union says.

In the middle of the strike, Fiat Plastik sent workers on forced leave, including members of the Strike Committee, usurping part of the production and relocating it to another company, thus artificially creating a potential labour surplus in order to intimidate the workers who are on strike.

All this was done, they say, without the legally prescribed notification of the representative trade union, which is a serious and multiple violations of the Labour Law and the Strike Act. The strike in the factory that produces bumpers for the Fiat 500L model started at the end of February because of reduced wages.

(Danas, 05.07.2021)


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