Fiat Plastic’s workers subjected to intimidation and pressure

The independent trade union of the Kragujevac-based company, Fiat Plastic, whose workers have been on strike for more than two months due to unjustified salary reductions and violations of the relevant laws, has accused the parent company, Fiat, of pressuring and intimidating workers.

“The human resources department has invited workers on strike to participate in talks at which the workers are subjected to intimidation and pressure, which violates the law on strikes,” the union said in a statement. It adds that, while workers are on paid leave, the company is trying to move part of the production to another plant in order to ‘artificially create a technological surplus’.

The union sees this as obstructing the strike in order to intimidate the workers, which violates the law on strike.

“By ignoring the strike, Fiat continues with its arrogant behaviour, ignoring the justified demands of the workers, violating the law and even ignoring the orders of the Labour Inspectorate, which inevitably leads to an escalation of the workers’ protest,” the trade union adds.

The trade union also calls Fiat’s behaviour “scandalous and anti-civil” and underlines that Fiat has been reported to the Labour Inspectorate and that all legal measures will be taken. The union also said that the workers will continue their fight until the rights guaranteed by law are realised.

Fiat Plastic, which produces bumpers for the 500L car model, employs about 90 workers. The employees are on paid leave until 10 May. The company itself has not officially commented on the strike.

(Novi Magazin, 27.04.2021)




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