Fiat Plastic’s workers moving towards a more radical strike

The trade union of Fiat Plastic, whose workers have been demanding for the company to reinstate their salaries to the last year’s level, has announced a more radical strike and a large rally on 24 April in front of the municipal administration building in Kragujevac.

The president of the trade union and the Strike Committee, Zoran Miljković, told Beta news agency that workers from the Fiat’s factory in Kragujevac and its allied companies, as well as the citizens from Kragujevac, are expected to participate in the rally.

The protest will be organised due to uncertainty over the production of a new car model at the Fiat plant in Kragujevac (FCA). Miljkovic added that in the meantime, the trade union will also request to talk to the mayor of Kragujevac, Nikola Dasic,

The workers of Fiat Plastic, which produces bumpers for the Fiat 500L model, continued their general strike yesterday, after the paid leave starting on 24 March, dissatisfied with the reduction of wages and lack of negotiations with the employer. They demanded that their back pay should not be reduced and that the paid leave allowance should be the same as FCA workers’, i.e. 65% of salary instead of the current 60%.

The union has already said that the reduction in salaries occurred because the union refused to sign a collective job agreement with the employer, which included the abolition of the right to strike.

(, 14.04.2021)

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