Fiat Plastic’s trade union threatens to suspend production

Employees of Fiat Plastic, which produces bumpers for Fiat’s vehicles Kragujevac, have had their salaries reduced by about 15,000 dinars, resulting in the salaries now being “drastically” lower than the Serbian average, announced the company’s independent trade union.

The salaries, which in were equal to those of a cashier, have been reduced for two reasons: the holiday bonus has been reduced by more than 50%, and since February, Fiat Plastic’s employees have been receiving about 3,000 dinars less per month (around 300 euro annually), while for the paid annual leave allowance has been reduced to 60% of the salary instead of 65%, which is how much the employees of Fiat Chrysler Serbia receive.

The trade union thinks that Fiat Plastic’s management is trying to use the current epidemiological situation to justify the reduction in salaries “with alleged losses due to the reduction of production”.

The union also says that production at the factory “has decreased” from 20 to 30 percent, but during the outbreak, the company used all government aid including the disbursement of the minimum wage, as well as benefited from “state and other subsidies granted before.”

Workers are also dissatisfied with the portion of the collective job agreement that was offered to them the company’s management in December. The union refused to sign it because the agreement stipulates workers waiving their right to strike for a period of three years.

The reduction of wages is a hard blow to the family budget of workers and their families, and the waiver of the strike is “an insult to human dignity”, the workers say.

Since January 12, Fiat Plastic’s workers have been on strike for an hour a day, which resulted in the daily production output dropping by 30 bumpers for the 500L model.

Fiat Plastic’s supervisors have also joined the workers in strike who “have been complaining for several months, due to people being overworked as there isn’t enough workforce”.

The union does not rule out a complete work stoppage.

(Politika, 27.01.2021)



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