Fiat Plastic’s strike continues today

Workers of Fiat Plastic, a factory in Kragujevac that produces bumpers for the 500L model, will continue their one-hour strike today, as Fiat itself has not responded to their demands, reported the Strike Committee.

The first one-hour strike already took place on January 12, from 11 a.m. to 12 p.m. and, according to representatives of the Committee, over 90 per cent of workers participated.

The strikes planned for Wednesday and Thursday were cancelled, as the factory did not work. Today, the strike will be held during the second shift, from 7 pm to 8 pm.

The workers are protesting because the company has reduced their wages, followed by a 50% reduction in the holiday allowance. The workers are demanding that the holiday allowance should be paid in an amount equal to one average salary in Serbia, that lunch allowance should equal 20% of the average salary in Serbia, and that the compensation for paid annual leave should amount to 65% of the base salary.

The workers are also demanding compensation for past work in the amount of 0.5% per year of working for the company and the compensation for working on national holidays of 120% over the basic salary.

Fiat Plastic’s trade union previously pointed out that the company was pressuring the workers by demanding from them to waive their right to strike for three years and that the company has been refusing to sign a collective job agreement for four years now.

(N1, 14.01.2021)




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