Fiat Plastic: ‘Foreign investors above Serbian law’

The independent trade union of Fiat Plastic, whose workers are on strike because of reduced wages, has announced that Fiat, as an act of utter arrogance, has relocated part of its production from that factory to its parent company, Fiat Chrysler Automobiles Serbia (FCA, and has also moved some production machines there.

The union considers that to be an infringement of the Labour Law and workers’ rights, which makes the right to strike in Serbia meaningless.

“A surplus of production was artfully created in order to intimidate the workers who are on strike, which, unfortunately, has negatively affected some of them,” the trade union’s press release reads.

The union also recalled that the management of Fiat Plastic has been continuously violating the Labour Law.

The union believes that the strike is no longer only a question of legitimate demands of the workers, but also of the question of whether foreign investors are ‘above the Serbian law’, as the Fiat Plastic strike committee is ‘probably the only strike committee in Europe that has been sent on paid leave in the middle of the strike, even though the rest of the factory is working’.

They say that the support of other trade union organisations has also been almost totally absent and that, in the next period, all relevant international trade unions will be informed about the incident. The trade union also said that they expected international trade unions to help, protect and understand the situation.

(, Beta, 11.05.2021)

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