Fiat offers 9% pay increase to workers

As the N1 TV station unofficially finds out, the management of Fiat’s factory in Serbia has offered a 9% increase in salaries – 3% immediately, and 6% in February.

This would mean that the gross salary would go up from the current 38,000 dinars to 41,000 dinars. To remind, the workers demanded for the new gross salary to be at least 50,000 dinars.

The efficiency bonus, according to Fiat, would also be paid out in February. Also, the independent trade union is willing to pay each worker, who were on strike, 1,000 dinars per diems.

The negotiations with the management of Fiat Chrysler Automobili Srbija (FCA), with PM Ana Brnabic as a mediator, started in the Serbian government on Wednesday, 19th July after the strikers met with Brnabic and decided to stop the strike and commence negotiations with the employer.

The strike started on 27th June with the main workers’ demands being higher salaries, reorganization of production and better distribution of work, disbursement of the efficiency bonus and the employer covering the commuting costs outside normal working hours.

The workers need to make a decision about the offered pay increase by Friday because that’s when the production downtime starts.

On Friday, Serbia’s ruling SNS party called on the government to “once again examine any legal possibilities that would allow it to publicly reveal the contract with Fiat.”

The contract in question is still confidential, and concerns the establishment of the company Fiat Chrysler Automobiles (FAC) Serbia, which workers recently took strike action over excessive workload and low wages.

“We believe that citizens would be shocked if they had the opportunity to see the contents of the contract, that is, what (former Serbian President) Boris Tadic, the worst kind of swindler, personally agreed on with Fiat,” a statement issued by the SNS said. 

This party – led by the country’s current president, Aleksandar Vucic – went on to describe Tadic as “an unsurpassed liar” who has continued to deceive citizens of Serbia, “although he is perfectly well aware that the government cannot publish that contract.” 

“Tadic knows that the publishing of the contract is a cause for its termination, while its secrecy, everything that Tadic agreed on with the Italian side, is obligatory for its existence and implementation,” the statement said. 

“We have received far more from Fiat than we have paid” – Tadic, who is now leader of the opposition SDS party, said earlier in the day. 

According to him, two billion euros were set aside for the technical maintenance of Fiat Serbia’s predecessor, Zastava, “from October 5 (2000) until its privatization (in 2008).” 

Tadic did not wish to comment on the contact’s details, in order to avoid disclosing a business secret, which, he remarked, is common practice in the automobile industry. The former president also said that “economic and other” details were negotiated with Fiat by the government led by Mirko Cvetkovic. 

“One of the conditions was the secrecy (of the contract),” said Tadic, and called on Serbia’s current government to “successfully (re)negotiate, so that it is no longer a secret.” 

Meanwhile, representatives of Fiat Serbia’s trade unions continued their post-strike negotiations with the company’s management for a third day on Friday. 

No details have been released as of Friday afternoon – but the talks, held in the government building in Belgrade, “are expected to be concluded soon as the two sides are understood to have good will to reach a deal,” Tanjug is reporting.

(N1, B92, 23.07.2017)


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