Fiat: New model to be produced in Poland?

The strike of 2,000 workers at Fiat’s factory in Kragujevac continues. The head of the strike committee, Zoran Markovic says that the committee had a meeting at the Ministry of Economy, but no agreement was reached.

Tomorrow, at 10am, the workers will gather in front of the Fiat premises and then walk towards the city government building where they are going to submit a list of their demands to Kragujevac’s mayor. The main demand is for the state authorities to get involved in resolving the workers’ problems.

On the other hand, Fiat’s management is adamant about not talking to the workers as long as they are on strike, while the strike committee will not negotiate until the minimum of the workers’ demands have been met which entail increasing gross salary to 50,000 dinars, improving work conditions and covering transportation costs.

However, is there a background story to this strike?

The Vecernje Novosti daily finds out from well-informed sources that certain parties are not too keen on seeing the production of Fiat 500L reinstated, and are also not too happy about Fiat’s management considering producing this model in the Kragujevac factory in 2018 too.

The sources say that certain trade union leaders have been talking with the management of Fiat’s factory in Poland, which sheds a completely different light to the events in Kragujevac.

It is not a big secret that the Polish have been very keen on having the new Fiat model produced at their factory, and that they have even allocated 100 million EUR for production investment.

It is quite clear that, without the new Fiat model, the Kragujevac factory will not be able to survive. The agreement between Serbian authorities and Fiat expires in 2018, and it is highly likely that this “strike without compromise” will not sway Fiat’s executives from Turin towards continuing the production of 500L in Kragujevac.

(Vecernje Novosti, 13.07.2017)




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