Fiat Kragujevac: Problems with suppliers stop the production

Production in Fiat’s plant in Kragujevac will be stopped today due to the problems with suppliers, and the workers from both shifts will not have to come to work – said the president of the workers’ trade union, Zoran Markovic.

Markovic also says that the production should resume on Tuesday, 5th December. He adds that, due to the problems with suppliers, there have been two production stoppages in Fiat. The trade union says that the next production recess should take place between 19th December, 2017 and 7th January, 2018.

The workers from both shifts did not work from 21st to 30th November due to “the harmonization of the 2017 production plan”. Markovic announces that Fiat’s management is due to reveal 2018 production plan to the workers soon.

“We are quite fearful of the company’s plans for 2018, i.e. whether they will maintain the same production level from 2016 and 2017 of 85,000 cars a year”, Markovic says and reminds that the workers will receive a 6.39% higher salary in January in line with the agreement reached following this summer’s strike.

After the hike, the lowest salary in Fiat Kragujevac will be 42,250 dinars.

(Novi Magazin, 03.12.2017)

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