Fiat in Kragujevac ignores workers’ demands and violates the law

The Independent trade union of Kragujevac-based Fiat’s subsidiary, Fiat Plastik, has announced that they are taking the workers’ strike to the next level, as the management of Fiat Chrysler Automobili (FCA) is still ignoring their demands and those of labour inspection.

“Radicalizing the protest means taking all available legal actions against our employer, as well as taking the protest to the streets, where all FCA Group workers and subcontractors will be invited to join us, as soon as the epidemiological conditions allow,” the trade union says.

Fiat Plastik’s independent trade union adds that the company’s workers have been on strike for more than two months because they are dissatisfied with the reduction of wages and violation of their rights.

“Fiat Chrysler Automobili (FCA) Serbia is abusing the non-working days in coordination with the management of Fiat Plastik, with the intention to financially exhaust the workers on strike and force them to stop it, which, of course, will not happen,” the union said.

They added that Fiat Plastik’s management, following the example of their parent company, refused to submit the valid Work Regulations to the workers within the legal deadlines and ignored the orders of the labour inspection, because it did not submit the Regulations on the systematization and organization of workplaces, and did not give permission for a representation required by law.

The union also assessed that Fiat offering workers a job in Slovakia is “inappropriate and unfair,” and underlined that the conditions are far from satisfactory and “even worse” than presumed.

“We wonder whether Fiat should use the state subsidies to provide people who want to stay in Kragujevac and Serbia with work, or to act as recruiters of the cheap workforce,” the union concludes.

(Danas, 16.03.2021)

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