Fiat estimates that out of a total of 2016 employees, 1541 are redundant

The Independent Trade Union of the Fiat car factory in Kragujevac announced yesterday that the management of the Italian company has officially informed that it believed 1,541 out of a total of 2016 were redundant.

Fiat employees will be offered two options: working abroad for two years or leave the factory and receive the benefits envisaged in a social programme, which is the minimum legal obligation of the employer, the union said in a press release. The company management did not accept the union’s objections, but instead, handed over the social programme to the union, containing the list of redundant workers.

The social programme was also submitted to the National Employment Service, and the workers declared redundant include the president of the representative union, his deputy and members of the workers’ committee.

“We call on the Prime Minister to warn Fiat not to call workers before the meeting scheduled for May 30, and we expect the Mayor of Kragujevac, who stated that the city and the state government will not allow the dismissal of workers, to take necessary actions to thwart the company’s intention,” appeals the Independent Trade Union.

The union called on the workers not to comment on Fiat’s offer until May 30, when a meeting with Prime Minister Ana Bnabic will be held.

(Danas, 26.05.2022)


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