Fiat employees off work until 1 June

According to the new management decision, employees of Fiat Chrysler in Kragujevac, who have been home on extended leave due to the COVID-19 epidemic since mid-March, will not return to the factory until Monday, 1 June. However,  this is not certain.

The production will not probably resume in June, but the decision regarding will be made by the general management in Turin since the continuation of the production and assembly lines in Kragujevac depends largely on the situation in Fiat and the supply companies in Italy, which provide the parts and many components of the 500L model. Another question is whether and how long the factory in Kragujevac will work in the coming months.

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It should be noted that the management has recently asked the Government of Serbia and the factory’s trade union for approval for an additional 80 days of paid leave for employees until the end of September, as the workers have already used  45 days, guaranteed by law.

“The paid leave in Fiat Chrysler in Kragujevac is being extended not only because of the danger the coronavirus contagion, which, according to official data, has not been present in the Sumadija region for the third week in a row, but mainly because the car market has almost slowed down to a standstill in Europe, and in particular in Italy, Spain and France, which, in addition to Great Britain, are the most affected by the COVID-19 epidemic and where the largest number of newly produced Fiats has been sold,” the company says.

President of the company’s trade union, Zoran Stanić, says that despite everything, the situation in the Kragujevac factory is not dramatic and that a further 80 off days will not seriously affect the future of the working relationship between Serbia and Fiat.

“We wouldn’t work anyway. These 80 non-working days have been requested for every eventuality, due to the market situation caused by the COVID 19 epidemic, and will certainly not be used continuously, which means that the workers will return to the factory as soon as the orders from the dealers arrive,” Stanic added.

(Danas, 17.05.2020)


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