Fiat biggest exporter in Serbia again

The total exports of 15 biggest exporters in Serbia amounted to EUR 3.3 billion in the first nine months of this year. Fiat is the biggest exporter, with the value of its export of EUR 599.6 million, Ministry of Finance stated yesterday.

The HBIS Group, the owner of Železara Smederevo (Smederevo Ironworks), takes the second place with EUR 581.4 million in exports, which is 36.5% more than in the same period last year. NIS is third with EUR 346.6 million in exports, followed by Tigar Tyres from Pirot with EUR 295.4 million of exports and Robert Bosch from Belgrade with EUR 182.2 million.

The list also includes Petrohemija from Pancevo with the export of EUR 160 million, Tetrapak from Belgrade with EUR 155.8 million, Grundfos from Indjija with EUR 150.8 million, RTB Bor with EUR 133.1 million euros and Leoni from Prokuplje with EUR 130 million worth of export.

The biggest exporters in Serbia are also Hemofarm from Vrsac with EUR 129.8 million, Yura corporation from Raca (EUR 128.1 million), Henkel (123.1 million EUR), Gorenje (EUR 110.3 million) and Victoria Group (EUR 93.3 million), reports Beta.

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Despite topping the list of the biggest exporters in Serbia, there are media reports that all is not well in Fiat’s plant in Kragujevac.

The employees of Fiat Chrysler Automobili (FCA) were told by the management that, following an agreement with the trade union, they would be given a two-week break due to a decreased market demand for Fiat vehicles, which the company claims is usual for this time of the year.

“Due to the difficult financial situation of the FCA employees and a substantial number of off-work days, during which the employees received 65 per cent of their daily wages, we have agreed with the factory’s management for the workers to be given certain benefits including a 15-day-collective leave during which they will be paid out full wages”, says Zoran Markovic, President of the trade union at FCA Serbia.

The production in the Kragujevac plant will resume on 5th November, with another collective leave starting on December 19th and lasting until the end of Christmas holidays.

(Politika, B92, 24.10.2018)





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