Fewer students at state universities and growing popularity of private faculties

Last year, only four state faculties that operate under the University of Belgrade managed to fill all vacant student positions in the first enrollment round – the Faculty of Organizational Sciences, the Faculty of Electrical Engineering, the Faculty of Architecture and the Faculty of Security Studies proved to be the most interesting for freshmen in Serbia.

The official statistics show that the number of freshmen is decreasing year-on-year. However, statistics indicate another fact – private colleges are becoming increasingly popular.

Namely, in the past eight years, the number of students at state faculties decreased by about 5,000, while at private ones it increased by more than 3,000, according to the data collated by the State Statistics Office.

Those students who do decide to pursue higher education at a state college now traditionally choose those that will land them a job quicker after graduation, such as the Faculty of Security Studies. The dean of this faculty, Vladimir Cvetković, says that he is not surprised that the demand for this faculty is high.

“The most used word of the 21st century is security, in all languages. There is no need to explain much why is that so. The phenomenon of security has marked our lives in many different ways and will mark the generations that come after us in this century, and that is the reason why there is so much interest in our studies,” he said.

As he added, the interest is so great that around 800 high school graduates apply for 400 places.

Apart from the Faculty of Security Studies, other most popular higher education institutions include the Faculty of Economics, Law, Faculty of Sports and Physical Education, Faculty of Pharmacy, Faculty of Dentistry, and Faculty of Veterinary Medicine. The other faculties of the oldest University in Serbia are not even close in terms of interest.

The dean of the Faculty of Medicine, Lazar Davidović, says that not all places at the Faculty have been filled in 2023, i.e. the student quota has not been met, but that there is still strong interest among high school graduates to study medicine.

However, when it comes to natural sciences faculties, the interest is very weak.

As for private faculties, the Dean of the private Singidunum University, Gordana Knežević, says that the number of students enrolled at their university has been growing every year. As for overall drop in the number of freshmen, Knežević thinks that the reasons are mostly of demographic nature, the fact that a significant number of high school students want to find a job immediately after graduation and some go to study abroad, primarily in the EU countries.

(Euronews, 08.01.2024)


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