Fewer marriages and more divorces in Serbia

The latest data from the State Statistical Office show that 9,790 marriages ended in Serbia in 2021, which is 12.7 per cent more than in 2020.

According to the statistics, the first four years of married life seem to be the most critical, when 22.4 per cent of couples break up, although an increasing number of couples divorce after 25 years of marriage (15.9 per cent of them).

Psychologist Aleksandra Janković explains: “Before, the tendency to divorce was slightly different, but there is a noticeable trend of more people who had been married for decades are divorcing. Life expectancy is longer, they got married when they were young, they struggled and many stayed together for the sake of their children. Once children leave home, the spouses want to devote more time to themselves individually.” She also says that both the midlife crisis and the environment impact the couples’ decision to get divorced.

For young married couples, the reasons are different, and they mostly lie in the inability to compromise. “They have not known each other enough and if they have a child at the very beginning of marriage, that exacerbates the problem,” Janković underlines.

Last year, marriages that ended in divorce lasted an average of 13.7 years, and in 53 per cent of cases, families with one or more children were involved.

According to the data, women divorced at 41.2 years of age on average, while men divorced at 44.7 years of age.

The mother (69.4 per cent of cases) was usually given the custody of children, and couples most often filed for dissolution of marriage in spring and autumn.

According to the same data, residents of Vojvodina divorced more and those from the Southern and Eastern Serbia region less. Last year, 3,000 fewer couples married compared to ten years ago, and 1,500 more couples divorced compared to a decade ago.

(Alo, 25.07.2022)



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