Ferrero looking for hazelnut production partners in Zrenjanin

The Italian confectionary company, Ferrero SpA has presented a set of measures aimed at supporting hazelnut production, as well as formats for creating new hazelnut orchards in the area of Zrenjanin.

The support programme is intended for farmers, companies and cooperatives that have at least three hectares of arable land suitable for growing hazelnut which would be determined by a prior analysis of the ground.

– We have had several meetings with Ferrero, with the goal of presenting present all the conditions that the Italian company offers regarding hazelnut growing to our farmers, and existing and future fruit growers. There’s mutual interest here, and we hope to expand the land areas under hazelnut –Deputy Mayor of Zrenjanin, Dusko Radisic said.

Several analyses were carried out on the soil around Zrenjanin and in the town itself this winter, so as to determine whether there conditions were right for growing hazelnuts. It’s still not known how interested the farmers from the Zrenjanin are going to be in this kind of production.

There are already some hazelnut producers in Zrenjanin, one of which is Petar Lacmanovic, who has around 650 trees spanning an area of a hectare and a half of the first class soil.

– This is a long-term business and it needs to be approached seriously. Last year, I had a yield of three tonnes, but I expect even more in the coming years, i.e. up to seven tons – Lacmanovic says.

(eKapija, 01.06.2017)


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