Federico Fellini’s films showcased at Yugoslav Film Archive (Kinoteka)

As part of the celebration of the centenary of the birth of the iconic Italian film director, Federico Fellini, a retrospective of his films is shown at Jugoslovenska Kinoteka (the Yugoslav Film Archive), where an exhibition with the pages of Fellini’s diary is also staged.

From the 1960s to August 1990, Fellini kept a journal he called “The Book of Dreams” on the advice of his psychoanalyst Ernst Bernhard.

He wrote about his dreams every day in his diary as a morning ritual, except for the days when he was filming. He sketched out figures and characters, circumstances and themes, recorded sentences and dialogues, often adding personal notes in the form of comments or explanations, or, as he said himself, “in the form of hastily and grammatically incorrect jokes and notes.”

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Fellini’s diary is a colourful journey through the infinite realms of a genius’ imagination, an imagination that has found its way into films with recognizable themes that include eros, travel, history, power, fashion, film, art, literature and religion.

“Fellini had often drawn inspiration from dreams, and many agree that one of the special features of his filmography is that it is magical and imaginative. This diary helps us understand why he was a true genius. The creativity that comes to the fore in his films also came from Fellini’s dreams,” says Paola Cordone, cultural attaché at the Italian Cultural Institute in Belgrade.

The diary pages on display are very different. They feature close-ups of naked women, planes, trains, ships, hills and mountains and various caricature-like portraits.

“On some pages, you can see conversations with famous people, such as actors Vittorio Gassman or Alberto Sordi. Sometimes, Fellini’s dreams include his wife. In another dream, a plane lands in Naples and Fellini decides to get off the plane because he doesn’t want to go to the United States,” said Cordone.

“The Book of Dreams” has 400 pages and twenty copies of it have arrived in Belgrade. Other Italian embassies and cultural centres around the world have received the same gift, thanks to the Italian Foreign Ministry and in honour of the centenary of Fellini’s birth.

The retrospective of Fellini’s films will last until January 26th, with following films screened: “Orchestra Rehearsal”, “City of Women”, “Fellini’s Casanova”, “Amarcord”, “La Dolce Vita”, “I Vitelloni”, “La Strada”, “Nights of Cabiria”, “Juliet of the Spirits”, “Lights of Variety”, “8½ “, “Fellini Satyrikon” and “And the Ship Sails On”.

(Blic, 18.01.2020)


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