FCD: “Population in Serbia among the poorest in Europe”

Almost 7% of the population in Serbia lives in absolute poverty and almost 1/3 is at risk of poverty and social exclusion, says the Fondacija Centar za Demokratiju (The Centre for Democracy Foundation – FCD), on the occasion of the World Day of Social Justice.

“The Serbian population is among the poorest in Europe, economic and social inequalities in the country are becoming more pronounced, while state’s allocations for social welfare are decreasing year by year,” FCD warned.

The data on the poverty of the social groups most at risk are particularly worrying. Most at risk are the population in rural areas, the unemployed and members of the Roma population, whose homes, in 38% of cases, don’t have running water and over 70% do not have sewerage.

In addition, Serbia does not have an adequate legal and strategic framework that would reduce the problem of poverty, the Foundation estimates.

The crisis caused by the pandemic has exacerbated inequalities, the International Labor Organization (ILO), Guy Ryder has said, as quoted in the report. He added: “People who were disadvantaged before the pandemic, young people, women, informal sector and migrant workers, as well as small businesses are most affected. But none of this is inevitable and depends on the choices we make.”

(Bizlife, 20.02.2022)


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