FCA Serbia produced 7,000 Fiat 500Ls since beginning of year

The February production at Fiat Chrysler Automobiles (FCA) Serbia ended last week, and the production and assembly lines will be put back into operation on March 5th, as announced.

The production of the 500L model was paused again due to the increasingly low demand from the European markets, whereas the US sales of this model, produced in the Kragujevac plant, have been negligible for a long time.

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In February, there were seven and a half working days at Fiat Kragujevac, during which around 3,000 cars were produced. This year, a total of around 7,000 cars have been produced in Kragujevac so far, only slightly more than a third of the usual two-month production volume.

In March and in the upcoming months until mid-2019, there will be around ten working days each month at FCA Serbia, according to the available information.

Those familiar with the workings of the car industry believe that, with the drastically reduced production of 500L, even with all the subsidies it receives from the state, Fiat Kragujevac has come dangerously close to being unprofitable.

(Danas, 26.02.2019)



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