FCA Kragujevac trade union: Employees will work when called in

The president of the Independent Trade Union of the Fiat Chrysler Automobiles Serbia (FCA), Zoran Markovic, said that that, in the future, the FCA employees would come to work only if they are called in, and added that that “does not mean the end of Fiat’s factory in Kragujevac”.

Markovic told a Kragujevac-based TV station that FCA’s management informed its employees that the Ministry of Economy had authorized the Italian manufacturer to send workers on paid leave lasting until the end of this year and starting from June 17th.

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“The workers will continue to come to work on call, as the company’s management has decided to manufacture vehicles only in line with global demand,” said the trade union president.

“This does not mean the end of Fiat’s factory and it is incomparable with the case of the former Zastava cars factory. During the paid leave, the workers will receive 65 per cent of the average salary in the last 12 months,” Markovic said.

He went on to say that FCA workers were “quite scared” because they read misleading information on social media which said that FCA would be closed until the year-end.

“It is true that, in accordance with the relevant laws, the employer has the right to send workers to 45 days of paid leave, and that Fiat requested additional days of paid leave, amounting to up to 87 days. Production will proceed according to demand,” Markovic explained.

Asked if this could be interpreted that the FCA employees would only work two or three days a week, Markovic replied that that was the “worst case scenario”.

He added that the “alarm has been going off at the FCA factory in Kragujevac for a year and a half” and that everybody was waiting for the production of a new model to start that would resolve the current problems.

“The talks between the Serbian government and the company are heading in a positive direction and both of them have the desire and the intention for FCA to spearhead the Serbian economy. I believe and I hope that FCA will stay in Kragujevac for a very long time,” Markovic added.

(Danas, 13.06.2019)


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