FC Partizan’s murals vandalized

The beautiful murals depicting the famous supporters of FC Partizan  in Belgrade were destroyed in an act of vandalism in one night.

The murals’ authors, Grobarski Trash Romantizam (GTR) and the JNA Group said they would continue to create new, more beautiful murals. „The circumstances under which all of this has been done are strange to say the least. It has all happened just a couple of months before the city elections. We know that this was not done by fans of FC Partizan, nor the fans of FC Red Star who have been football fans for years,”, they said.

“We are pleasantly surprised by the reaction from the general public which just goes to show that there is still a sound civi voice that will not succumb to malice and stupidty.  We will continue to create new, even more beautiful murals, stage exhibitions and performances, write books and make films about FC Partizan,” the authors said.

Although the supporters from both sides have well-earned reputations for hooliganism, their fanaticism sometimes manifests itself in more positive forms. The best example of this is a Partizan-inspired phenomenon called Grobarski Trash Romantizam (Gravedigger’s Trash Romanticism, which takes its name from the nickname for Partizan supporters: the grobari, or gravediggers). What started as a Facebook page in 2012 has grown into a small, counter-cultural movement that uses art to pay homage to its favoured club.

Boasting some 38,000 followers, GTR was initially a space for Partizan fans to share club-inspired memes that took notable pieces of art and modified them to express their feelings towards Partizan or their opponents.

Executed in monochrome colours reminiscent of the club’s iconic black-and-white kit, the murals depict various actors, writers, singers, film directors and other public intellectuals who were known to be fans of the club, as well as ex-players who were so skillful that it could be argued that they turned sport into an artform.

(Kurir, CalvertJournal.com, 22.01.2018)





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