FBD: “Government’s Crisis Unit has lost credibility in the eyes of the public”

Forum za bezbednost i demokratiju (The Forum for Security and Democracy – FBD) assessed that the weekend’s mass gatherings on the streets of Belgrade and in the new Savski Trg are an example of irresponsibility of on the part of citizens and services involved in the implementation and compliance with epidemiological measures.

“The FBD believes that the mentioned events are evidence of the collapse of trust in the work of the government’s Crisis Unit,” the organization said in a statement. “Compromise solutions”, implemented by the Crisis Unit, have undermined not only the Unit’s work, but seriously challenged the functioning of the entire health care system, the press release reads.

“Instead of pursuing its basic purpose, which was supposed to be the protection of the citizens’ health, the Crisis Unit proved to be susceptible to influences and open to ambivalent approaches, by the deputy mayor of Belgrade (Goran Vesic) of the government ministers and President Vucic.”

The press release adds that the media, driven by commercial interest, contributed to this situation with incomplete reports on the dangers of the coronavirus pandemic, as well as advocating suspicion regarding the need to apply epidemiological measures and vaccination.

The Forum for Safety and Democracy, therefore, called on the media to report on the outbreak in a more agile and responsible manner and to influence the awareness and dissemination of epidemiological culture, inviting citizens to adhere to epidemiological measures.

“The Forum for Security and Democracy calls on the state authorities to resume the fight against this epidemic as soon as possible within the framework of the law on the protection of the population from infectious diseases, which currently means the dissolution of the Crisis Unit, which is incapable of making decisions and understanding the consequences,” the statement reads.

The FBD also calls on the Speaker of the National Parliament, Ivica Dacic, to schedule an extraordinary session as soon as possible, in which the work of the Crisis Unit is completely reviewed and potentially more drastic measures to overcome the current situation are implemented.

(Nova, 21.03.2021)


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