Farmers lift roadblocks – agreement reached with government

The Serbian Government and farmers, who have been protesting across the country for eight days, reached an agreement yesterday which result in the removal of roadblocks across the country – the government representatives have said.

The government reached an agreement with the Stig Farmers Association from Požarevac and with the South Banat group of citizens, also representing farmers.

Under the final agreement, initialled by the Serbian government, the buy-up price for sunflower seeds will be 73 Dinars per kilo and will be paid to the farmers by October 15 this year.

Under the same agreement, middleman margins will be limited to a maximum of 2.60 Dinars, while the cost of transporting the goods from the place of purchase to the sunflower mills will be borne by the mills themselves.

Regarding fuel, farmers will be given a 20 Dinar lower price per litre of fuel, for up to 50 litres per hectare of land they farm, while milk subsidies will be increased to 15 Dinars.

In addition, farmers have been granted a 12-month moratorium on loans, and the government also undertook to include livestock farmers in the process of devising measures in the livestock sector.

Government representatives expressed their satisfaction with the outcome of the negotiations, adding that they were glad that Stig and South Banat associations showed a high degree of tolerance, understanding and solidarity, having in mind the difficult week ahead for Serbia, as well as that they understood how important it is for Serbia to preserve peace and stability in the country.

The two sides also agreed to work together in the future on improving the working conditions of farmers and that situations should be prevented through regular communication and meetings between the two sides.

(Blic, 16.08.2022)



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