Fancy an ice cream? The best places to buy one in Belgrade

There are really many pastry shops and specialized ice cream parlours in Belgrade. Good ice cream no is no longer just a matter of taste but also a matter of the way in which it is made, the origin of its ingredients and, of course, the aesthetics. Organic, vegan or black ice cream, exotic flavours, and extravagant packaging make us spoiled for choice.

As much as innovation is interesting, it seems that the classics, their majesties vanilla and chocolate, will never be removed from the throne. These flavours are the same as a little black dress, a white shirt, a pearl necklace or a red lipstick – eternal.

Ice cream traditionally comes from Italy and, in the past, the recipe was never publicly revealed. However, did you know that the first ice cream was actually made in China? Still, for the argument sake, let’s consider Italy as its country of origin until proved otherwise. Back in the day, only the upper classes were able to indulge in ice cream. Fortunately, the times have changed.

The story behind how ice cream cone came into existence is also an interesting one. In 1904, a young man gave a bouquet of flowers wrapped in paper to his girlfriend who worked in a cake shop in Louisiana. She wanted to give him a present that would resemble the bouquet, so she made a cone out of wafer, put ice cream in it and gave it to him.

Because ice cream is one of the best ways to cool yourself down in this tropical heat, we are bringing you the best and the most famous ice cream parlours in Belgrade.


Bombaj is a pastry oasis with a half-a-century long tradition. This pastry shop sells over 30 different flavours of ice cream that are prepared by the old masters from a secret recipe. All of the ingredients are natural, and the Bombaj ice cream is known for its authentic, full-bodied taste. This is a traditional ice cream parlour that doesn’t experiment much, but stays true to its original, very popular recipes. We recommend that you try chocolate and Malaga.

Moritz Eis

Although, Moritz Eis is not a traditional place, it has decades of experience and it is the first ice cream shop that brought global trends to Belgrade. Hand-made ice cream of magical taste comes from natural raw ingredients used here, i.e from organic fruits and vegetables grown in Serbia. Fruit ice creams contain over 50% of fruit. Quality, imagination and experience have resulted in the perfect frozen delicacies here. Madagascar vanilla, white and black chocolate are the best-selling flavour, but make sure you also try plum, ginger or pineapple ice cream. The ambiance of Moritz Eis’ ice cream parlours resembles the romantic pastry shops from Vienna and Paris.


This is the oldest pastry shop in Belgrade, opened back in 1851. Currently, the fifth generation is running a family business and they are still doing great. Since August 1941, the pastry shop has been located in the same place and it represents a truly special place in Belgrade, which evokes memories and the feel of old times. For many Belgraders, this place is the first choice for ice cream. The evergreen style, cozy interior and great location are the reasons for the huge popularity of this pastry shop that has the best tasting vanilla and hazelnut ice cream.

(Belgrade Beat, 02.08.2017)


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