Famous Swiss photographer Mario del Curto exhibits in Belgrade

The City of Belgrade Museum stages an exhibition by the renowned Swiss photographer, Mario del Curto titled “Humanity’s Greening of the Planet Earth – a Voyage ”.

The exhibition comprises of 200 photographs taken during del Curto’s eight-year-long trip around the world during which he studied the relationship between people and plants.

“The idea was born in 2008, when a large seed bank was opened in Norway’s Svalbard, so I wanted to make a project to support the idea of saving and preserving nutrients, and to present new trends in urbanism. I also studied the relationship between science and the plant world, and eventually my work was transformed into a view of our civilization”, del Curto explains.

During his global trip, he toured forty countries, on all continents except Australia. He photographed the untouched nature and concrete forests in big cities.

“In New York, I visited a garden on the building roof that was grown thanks to organic technology. The garden produces 10 million heads of lettuce annually. The ground floor of the building houses a shop where you can buy this lettuce. Recently, I came across a report that contains devastating data – 70% of the gas pollution of the Earth is caused by transport of food, that is, during the process of preparing and transporting plants”, the Swiss photographer reveals.

His photographs depict, among other things, the oldest apple tree in Kazakhstan, which is about six million years old, and the mountainous region of Pamir in Tajikistan, which has not yet been destroyed by the modern civilization. 193 new types of cereals have been recently discovered at 2,500-5,000 meters altitude in the Pamir Region.

Del Curto says that his photographs pose two simple questions: “First and foremost, what is that we take from nature and what do we give in return, and secondly, which might be a silly question, how did the planet Earth come about and how come it contains such wealth in biological terms?”

(Blic, 23.03.2018)


Photo credits: Mario del Curto

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