Faktor Plus: ‘57% of survey respondents would vote for Vucic’

The Faktor Plus agency has published the results of a survey on the upcoming elections. Out of 1,200 respondents who participated in the survey, 50% would go to the polls and the ruling SNS party would get the most votes.

According to the survey results, 57% would vote for the joint list between the SNS and minorities, i.e. around two million votes. According to official data, last year, 49% of the voters went to the polls and the SNS got just over 1,900,000 votes, while most of the opposition parties boycotted the elections.

“Faktor Plus says that 57% of people will vote for the ruling party and 9.3% for the SPS, which together makes 66%, i.e. two thirds of the surveyed population, although this percentage cannot be projected on the total population,” says Jovanka Vukmirović, associate professor at the Faculty of Organisational Sciences.

The opposition parties dispute the results and say: “They (SNS) never won 2.2 million votes, even when Aleksandar Vučić was the candidate and when everyone supported him in 2017 together with the minority parties,” says Branko Miljuš (SPP).

Although the media with which the Faktor Plus agency officially cooperates report that the research was done by phone, Professor Vukmirović explains that the survey had omissions, and one of them, as she says, is the way citizens are interviewed.

“People are less honest and less motivated to talk when we call them on the phone. People ask us how did we get their numbers, and question our identity and reasons why we are calling them, which makes the results rather unreliable,” says Professor Vukmirović.

(N1, 20.12.2021)



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