Extreme heat warning for all of Serbia – heat wave continuing into August

The Serbian Hydro-Meteorology Service (RHMZ) warns of extremely hot weather on Tuesday with temperatures peaking at up to 39 degrees Celsius.

All of Serbia will be sunny and very hot with some wind, the forecast says. There is a possibility of showers and thunder in the north and west of the country in the evening. The temperature will rise up to 36 degrees in Belgrade.  

The heat wave that hit Western Europe last week has moved to the Balkans, bringing very hot and sunny weather with some rain in the mountains all week.

By Friday and on Saturday, the weather will be mostly sunny and warm with the occurrence of short-term showers with thunder, mostly in mountainous areas. Rain is expected over the weekend and more unstable weather with showers and thunderstorms next week.

Tropical summer

This summer we can expect to see extremely hot weather, but the temperatures will not be significantly higher than in the last seven decades.

“In the rest of July and in August, we expect several heat waves to hit Serbia, with the average daily temperatures of around 35 degrees,” says meteorologist Djordje Djuric from “Weather2Umbrella”

As for precipitation, it will be average for that time of year.

(Blic, 02.07.2019)


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