External trade figures for first four months of 2017

In the first four months of 2017, Serbia’s external trade amounted to 10.88 billion EUR which is a 12.5% hike compared to the same period last year. Expressed in US dollars, that amounts to 11.59 bln which is a 7.8% hike – the State Statistical Office says.

Serbia exported a total of 4.76 billion EUR worth of goods and services (an 11.8% increase), while it imported 6.12 billion EUR worth of goods (a 13% increase).

The deficit in trading with the rest of the world amounted to 1.36 bln EUR and is higher by 17.5% compared to the same period last year. In US dollars, the export was worth 5.07 bln, which is higher by 7.1%, while the value of import went up by 8.3% to 6.53 bln USD.

The export to import ratio stood at 77.7% which is a decline from last year’s 78.6%.

The main export partners to Serbia are Italy (778.4 million USD), Germany (653.9 mln USD), Bosnia and Herzegovina (387.7 mln USD), the Russian Federation (286.1 mln USD), and Romania (251.9 mln USD).

In the observed period, Serbia imported mostly from Germany (818.1 mln USD), Italy (654.1 mln USD), the Russian Federation (578.2 mln USD), China (521.1 mln USD) and Hungary (297 mln USD).

Serbia had the biggest external trade with the countries with which the country has signed free trade agreements. 64.9% of Serbia’s external trade is carried out with the EU countries. The CEFTA countries are Serbia’s second most important external trade partner, and in trading with these countries Serbia recorded a surplus of 574.7 mln USD.

(eKapija, 31.05.2017)




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