Export of Serbian IT industry amounts to 900 million euro

Serbia’s IT industry has reported exports worth more than 900 million euro in the first eight months of 2019, the Serbian government said on Monday.

A press release said that those exports, which totalled 913 million euro, are twice the size of the IT industry’s exports in 2016 and 26.4 per cent higher than in the same period a year earlier.  

The Serbian government will continue to focus on the IT sector as “the branch of the economy with the highest prospects and one of the greatest movers for the country’s economic growth”.  

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The press release recalled that the government introduced computer science as a mandatory subject in grades five and later and increased the number of students enrolled in IT classes at university by more than 20 per cent as well as launching the construction of what it said was innovative infrastructure with investments of more than 100 million euro as well as tax exemptions.

In late 2016, the Serbian government set up the Ministerial Council for Cyber Entrepreneurship and Innovation, which devised a plan to improve the IT sector in Serbia.

“The following are the most significant accomplishments of the government in 2017, 2018 and 2019 in terms of advancing the IT sector – the introduction of computer science as a compulsory subject from the fifth grade of primary school, the increase of budgets of the university IT departments by more than 20%, and the start of the construction of innovation infrastructure through investments of more than 100 million euros,” the press release further states.

In addition, a tax law reform has been implemented which stipulates tax breaks for investments in research and development, start-ups and intellectual property.

Also, high-speed wireless internet was installed in 500 schools since the beginning of this school year. “There are currently close to10,000 digital classrooms for about 200,000 students. Another 1,000 high school students use specialized IT classrooms, which is almost six times more than two years ago,” the press release said.

(N1, 21.10.2019)



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