Experts:”Air in Serbia extremely polluted last year”

In 2022, the air was very polluted in almost all cities in Serbia, as shown by the analysis performed by the National Ecological Association, based on data from state and civil monitoring.

Residents of Užice breathed excessively polluted air for 160 days last year. According to the Law on Air Protection, the average daily limit concentrations of PM10 particles cannot go longer than 35 days a year.

“There will certainly be pollution as long as there are combustion devices that use inadequate energy sources, i.e. fuel oil or solid fuels,” says Nada Jovičić, a member of the City Council in charge of ecology in Užice.

After Užice, the most polluted towns include Popovac, Valjevo, Novi Pazar, Smederevo, Zemun, Pirot, Kosjerić, Pančevo, Lazarevac, Čačak, Niš and Belgrade.

“Thermal power plants and our TE sector use raw lignite, that is coal mixed with soil, water and fuel oil, and this causes five times higher pollution than pure lignite. Industrial companies in Bor and Smederevo are blatantly breaking the law in this matter“, says Milenko Jovanović from the National Ecological Association.

In the latest publication issued by the Institute for Health Effects, which contains official air quality monitoring data and health statistics, it was stated that 12,700 people die prematurely in Serbia every year due to long-term exposure to polluted air, which is more than the European and global average.

(RTS, 08.01.2023)

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