EXIT: “We don’t want to relocate the festival from Novi Sad but it’s not up to us”

The organizers of the music festival EXIT have confirmed that they received offers to move the event from Novi Sad and Serbia to another country.

EXIT organizers also said that any country would like to have one of the biggest festivals in the world as part of its tourist offer, as the Festival brings tens of millions of euro to local tourism every year.

“So far we have categorically refused such offers because we want to stay and develop the festival in our city and in our country. Unfortunately, however, that’s not up to only us,” the organizers of EXIT added.

The Croatian daily, Jutarniji List from Zagreb, citing an anonymous source, reported that EXIT could move to Umag in Croatia or Budva in Montenegro. The mayor of Novi Sad, Miloš Vučević, commented that he would speak with the organizers of this music festival because according to him it is “unthinkable EXIT would leave Novi Sad”.

(Nova, 17.11.2020)


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