EXIT generated 150mln EUR in revenue since its inception

The popular EXIT festival, based in Novi Sad, has generated over 150 million EUR in revenue since its inception 18 years ago – a survey conducted by TIM Centar shows.

Apart from the direct material benefits, the festival has also contributed a lot to the tourist promotion of Novi Sad and Serbia, and this year, it had the record number of visitors – 215,000 from 60 countries.

Most of the festival goers were people from ex-Yugoslavia (23.2%), Western Europe (21.6%), and East and South East Europe (14.2%). The number of non-European visitors has also been growing, and there were 33% more of them this year, compared to the last.

The latter visitors also spend the most, i.e. around 600 EUR per person during the festival. The festival goers from West Europe usually spend 532 EUR, while the domicile visitors spend the least – 312 EUR. On average, festival goers spend around 431 EUR before, during and after the festival. The survey has shown that, while in Novi Sad, a number of visitors also visited Belgrade and several other destinations, with their average stay there lasting between 2 and 4 days.

50.8% of the surveyed visitors say that, because of EXIT, their opinion of Novi Sad has improved, while 46.5% say that their opinion remained unchanged, i.e. good. The average age of the typical EXIT goer is 25.6.

(021.rs, 11.10.2017)





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