Exit Festival and other cultural events at risk again

Due to the deteriorating epidemiological situation, it is certain that the festivals will not take place in August in the expected format.

This was indicated in the press release signed by Exit and several other music events. Exit, Beerfest, Nishville and Lovefest say that the authorities had allowed these festivals to be held earlier in August because “the situation in May had improved”.

“Given the current deterioration of the health situation, this year, festivals in Serbia won’t have dozens of thousands of people in attendance. We suggest that festivals take place in a reduced form for a few hundred people as an alternative solution or if the health situation will allow, a few thousand people, as other countries in Europe will do this summer,” Exit’s representatives say.

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Festival organizers protest against summer events being considered “the most dangerous segment of our society”.

“Outdoor events with a reduced capacity of up to 99% of the usual number of visitors and the implementation of all health measures are much safer than the daily circulation of millions of people in shopping malls, gyms, restaurants, night clubs, public transport and other indoor facilities and therefore we refuse to be declared as one of the culprits for the outbreak of infection. Tourism and related events have been severely affected by the coronavirus pandemic and threatened with extinction, which will have a major negative impact on the entire Serbian economy. If music events, which represent an important segment of Serbian tourism, were to be completely cancelled, these important sectors would be at risk of total closure, with catastrophic consequences for tens of thousands of people making a living thanks to them,” the festival organizers say.

They appeal to the state and society as a whole not to allow the complete shutdown of events “of which Serbia is known for all over the world”.

The communiqué arrived after the website 021.rs had officially asked the organizers of Exit if the festival would be held from August 13 to 16, taking into account the current epidemiological situation and the announcement of the provincial health secretary Zoran Gojkovic, considering that much bigger musical events in the world have been postponed until next year and the event in Novi Sad is still financially covered by sponsors, donors and state donations that allow it to take place.

(021.rs, 06.07.2020)


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