EXIT beneficial for Serbian economy

Last year’s EXIT generated 14.4 million euro for the Serbian economy, and since its beginning, the domestic economy has earned over 150 million euro from the festival, not counting the value that EXIT created in terms of international promotion of Serbia.

During EXIT, people from 70 countries around the world come to Novi Sad and stay here between two and four days.

 Last year, EXIT sold 215,000 tickets, with most of the visitors coming from the countries that made up the former Yugoslavia – 23.2 percent and those from the Western Europe – 22.2%.

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“Two thirds of the EXIT visitors are foreign, and one third is from Serbia”, said Predrag Okanovic from the Tim Centre Novi Sad.

“Visitors from Brazil, Japan, South Korea, America, Australia and 60 other countries attended the last year’s festival,” EXIT’s PR,  Julija Mitrovic says.

When here, they spend over 600 euro per person on average – the official analysis has shown.

“This money is primarily spent on accommodation, and this is especially true for our Western guests who are least reluctant to stay at a camp and prefer a more luxurious accommodation. Plus, the money is naturally spent on food and beverages”, adds Okanovic.

But the generated money certainly cannot hold a candle to the positive contribution that EXIT has to the reputation of the whole country, as more than a half of the survey respondents say that their opinion about Serbia has been changed for better since attending EXIT. Most of EXIT’s visitors are highly educated, as 80% of them have a university degree.

“Every year, between 75 to 80 percent of EXIT foreign audiences is attending the festival for the first time so the audience is constantly changing. We have tens of thousands of young people from abroad who come here and completely change their mind about Serbia”, Okanovic noted.

EXIT also has two other festivals – Sea Star and Sea Dance – which generate tens of millions of euros for the Croatian and Montenegrin economy.

Last year, over 350,000 people from 90 countries attended the festivals organized by EXIT.

(Nova Ekonomija, 08.07.2018)


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