Exhibition of Uros Predic’s paintings at SANU

The exhibition titled “So, you are Uros Predic?” will be opened on 14th March at the Gallery of the Serbian Academy of Science and Art (SANU), on the occasion of the 160th anniversary of the great painter’s birth.

The exhibition is staged in cooperation with the National Museum in Zrenjanin which was given the entire contents from the painter’s studio in Belgrade, i.e. 32 paintings, drawings and sculptures, after his death in 1954.

The collection also includes personal items, furniture, photographs, postcards, letters, decorations, diaries, paintings and materials, catalogues, books and magazines …

The exhibition at the SANU Gallery will also feature the portraits painted by Vuka Velimirović, Ksenija Atanasijevic and Marko Murat, which belong to the SANU Art Collection.

The two most famous paintings by Uros Predic – “The Kosovo Girl”, which is usually exhibited at the Belgrade City Museum, and “The Portrait of Mihajlo Pupin”, exhibited at a church in Idvor – will also be featured.

The exhibition will be opened until 15th April during which time several lectures dedicated to the life and work of Uros Predic will be held too.

(Blic, 06.03.2018)


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