Exhibition inspired by France opens in Novi Sad

As a sign of friendship and long-term cooperation, the Matica Srpska Gallery and the French Institute – Novi Sad have staged an exhibition of digital prints from the Inspired by France collection, in the last segment of the Month of Francophonie 2023 event.

The exhibition titled “Inspired by France” will officially open today at 6:00 p.m. on the premises of the French Institute – Novi Sad in the Cultural District.

For more than a decade, the Matica Srpska Gallery and the French Institute in Serbia – Novi Sad have been marking Francophonie Month. Various programmes and exhibitions showcased the decades-long inextricable ties between French and Serbian cultures.

In the last three years, as a result of the cooperation of the French Institute and the Matica Srpska Gallery, experts from both institutions recorded short video stories Inspired by France, which depict the social and artistic opportunities and the importance that Paris and France have had for Serbian artists and the development of Serbian painting. Based on this, an exhibition of digital prints was created, which presents the ten most significant works of art inspired by France from the collection of the Matica Srpska Gallery.

After Novi Sad, the exhibition will be staged in the French Institute in Belgrade and Niš.

(RTV, 30.03.2023)



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