Exhibition in commemoration of NATO bombing in Paris was censored?

The director of the Serbian Cultural Centre in Paris, Radoslav Pavlovic claims the disputed exhibition marking 20 years since NATO bombing of Serbia “has not been removed”.

Pavlovic added that the exhibition has not been removed, but that some exhibits have been “rolled up and stored away.”

“The exhibition is still, and although is aggressive in parts, it is interesting. However, the exhibition is staged in the central part of the gallery, and this space is now not available for round table discussions, various performances and concerts,” Pavlovic explains.

Pavlovic told Prva TV that the exhibition paintings had not been removed from the walls and that he was not ordered from the Serbian Embassy in France to remove the exhibition, as alleged by the media coordinator at the Centre, Natasa Pejin. 

Pejin also said that, after revealing that some parts of the exhibition had been taken down, she started getting threats via mail.

The Serbian Ministry of Culture and Information announced earlier that would determine whether a part of the exhibition dedicated to the 20th anniversary of NATO ‘s aggression against Serbia had been temporarily removed from the Serbian Cultural Centre in Paris and announced that “in the event there was censorship involved,” it would ask for “adequate sanctions against the persons who participated in jeopardizing the freedom of artistic expression.” 

The ministry also said the exhibition was part of a programme approved by the Ministry and while Pejin claims that a part of it had been removed “allegedly, under the pretext that its contents could be unpleasant to certain officials, who attended a cocktail party on March 26th.” 

(Nedeljnik, 28.03.2019)




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