Ex-Yu Rock Festival near Pančevo on 10th and 11th August

The Ex-Yu Rock Festival will be held on August 10th and 11th in Starčevo, near Pančevo, where iconic rock and folk bands will perform, including Nervozni Poštar, tribute band Vesele Osamdesete, Yu Grupa and the young punk-rock band Sindrom, the festival organizers say.

On the first evening of the festival, Vesele Osamdesete from Kragujevac will play the ex-Yugoslav pop and rock classics, followed by the performance of the Sarajevo-based band Nervozni Poštar, known for their hits “Ženim se”, “Jugo, Jugo”, “Cirkus Kolorado”, “Salko dinamitaš”…

So far,  Bajaga i Instruktori, Riblja Čorba, Plavi Orkestar, Partibrejkers, Atomsko Sklonište, Van Gog, Psihomodo Pop, Pekinška Patka, Goblini, Hladno Pivo, Ritam Nereda, Majke, Babe, Neno Belan, Crvena jabuka, Jura Stublić and Film, Let 3 and many others have performed at the Starčevo rock festival.

For more information about the Festival, please click here.

The admission to the Festival is free.

(B92, 06.08.2019)



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