Ex-State Secretary Dijana Hrkalović’s strong accusations against Nebojša Stefanović

In an interview with Objektiv magazine, former State Secretary at the Ministry of Interior, Dijana Hrkalović, admitted only part of the criminal charges against her, and implicated former Interior Minister, Nebojsa Stefanović, in the wrongdoings she had been accused of.

Hrkalović accused Stefanović of “obtaining unauthorized information on the telephone communication between Serbian President Aleksandar Vučić and members of his family,” personally protecting the organized crime group led by Veljko Belivuk, and staging the Jovanjica case. She claims that she did everything on Stefanović’s orders and that she wrongfully thought that Stefanović informed the President about everything.

“Stefanović obtained unauthorized information about the telephone conversations between President Vučić and members of his family. He (Stefanović) read the transcripts of these telephone conversations behind Vučić’s back.

Stefanović demanded that these transcripts be submitted to him. He also did not use counterintelligence measures to protect Vučić or inform the BIA that he would take any action. A lot goes on where there is interception and reading other people’s communications without authorization,” Hrkalović said.

She said it was her fault and that she never called President Vučić to ask him if Stefanović “had informed him about these things”. “I had always been under the impression that Stefanović informed the president and protected him from counterintelligence according to the law,” Hrkalović said.

She added that Stefanović “couldn’t stand Andrej Vučić” and tried to make his life difficult all the time. “I would not be surprised if Stefanović himself spread all those fictional stories about Andrej in the media that favoured the opposition parties. I would not be surprised if he spread the falsehoods about me working against the president and his family,” Hrkalović said.

Finally, she claims that the Jovanjica case (the discovery of a huge marijuana farm) was set up by Nebojša Stefanović and Slobodan Milenković (head of the Belgrade police’s Narcotics Department). She believes the whole case was set up in agreement with the foreign intelligence, as well as that “the Belivuk clan was not protected by anyone except Nebojša Stefanović personally.”

(Politika, 19.06.2022)



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