Evidence of paedophilia in the Serbian Orthodox Church sent to Brussels

Former deacon Bojan Jovanović has spoken to representatives of the European Parliament (EP) about paedophilia in the Serbian Orthodox Church and victims not receiving any support or protection.

Jovanović has been speaking out for years about paedophilia and other misappropriations present in the church, and in 2015, he had publicly stated that Bishop Kačavenda had sexually harassed him and asked him to bring him boys.

He was also one of six public accusers before the High Court in London, in a case against the Serbian Orthodox Church for paedophilia and sexual abuse that took place in Serbia, Bosnia and Croatia. The case has since been dropped. Jovanović has recently published the book ‘Confession of How We Killed God’, which, among other things, talks about how the church intimidates and kills victims of paedophilia with the help of the state.

Jovanović also says that he talked with EP representatives in charge of human rights via video conference.

“We have presented evidence to the EP representatives of all the cases of paedophilia in the Church, and told them about the relevant state institutions in Serbia being completely mum about this. They expressed their interest in the issue of court processing the cases of organised paedophilia and victim protection to be included in the report on Serbia’s progress towards the EU membership, in the field of human rights, rights to freedom of religion, judicial reform and the fight against organised crime,” Jovanović underlined.

According to him, the EP has been informed that there is a well-organised paedophile group within the Serbian Orthodox Church, “but that the synergy between the church and the government led by President Aleksandar Vučić is so strong that the state looks more to the church instead of changing the laws regulating the work of religious organisations”.

(Danas, 17.06.2021)



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