Everything is ready for the start of the school year in Serbia

The Serbian Minister of Education Branko Ružić  stated for RTS that everything is ready for the start of the new school year and that the bell will ring tomorrow in 1,829 primary and secondary schools in Serbia. Classes will start in presence and the school team will monitor the epidemic, added Ružić, who later announced a double-digit salary increase in the education sector.

It was decided that teaching will be in presence, because that teaching model, as he says, is the best teaching model since direct interaction is the best for an educational work.

“It is important that tomorrow we will not have the same situation as before, there is no unrest. The team for schools can propose more restrictive measures, the situation is being monitored, but tomorrow there will practically be no such measures, except nominally, which is natural,” says Ružić.

Ružić says he is convinced that the future Government, with the support of the President of Serbia, will put the education system on the list of priorities since it is about the future of the country.

“We had Covid, then the bomb alerts, the education system owes a debt of gratitude to the teaching and extracurricular staff”, highlighted Ružić.

“Autumn and winter await us. I think that the state, as before, will always show availability, that we will have solutions and that the education system will be on the list of priorities. The Ministry of Energy has come out with measures, we will see how much these measures will reflect on the education system, I am convinced that no day at school will be questioned, we cannot allow pupils to stay in cold classrooms “, said Ružić.

Additionally, the Serbian Minister of Education announced wage increases recalling that  the Ministry of Finance is working on the wage classification system together with the competent Ministries, which is expected to go into effect in 2025.

“There will be wage increases, with the January salary there will be increases in the sector; an increase this time will be significantly higher than last year, it will be double-digit and this is a good trend that this and the previous government are pursuing.” , concluded Ružić.

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