Every year in Serbia 30 children are treated for addiction to video games.

Every year, 20 to 30 children are admitted to the Institute for Mental Illnesses in Belgrade for addiction to video games, and in 90% of cases they are children, writes Blic daily.

The problem of addiction to video games begins at a young age, reveals Dr Ivica Mladenovic, from the Clinic for Addiction Diseases at the Institute for Mental Illnesses in Belgrade, where certain children have been hospitalized for not able to control themselves when it comes to video games.

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“Children are already using mobile phones and computers from the age of two or three. They start just by watching cartoons, then at the age of seven, eight or even earlier, they start engaging in interactive video games that involve multiple players which are very popular both among children and adults,” warns Dr Mladenovic.

Dr Mladenovic goes on to say that both genders are at high risk, but he thinks that boys are less mature than girls and become addicted faster.

“This problem will become increasingly pronounced in society. This year, we have launched a specialized programme for the treatment and addiction to the Internet and video games at the Institute that is aimed at people over the age of 18,” says Dr Mladenovic, adding that he fears that, in a few years’ time, these will become the clinic’s regular and most numerous patients.

“Parents don’t spend enough quality time with children. They often think that a child is safer at home than on the street, which is justifiable, but on the other hand, this creates an ideal predisposition for these types of addictions,” concludes the doctor.

(Mondo, 20.02.2020)





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