Every seventh Serbian citizen is a member of a political party

Every seventh citizen of Serbia owns a membership card of some of the political parties. According to the data from the registered political parties, over one million people have signed the application to be admitted to a political organization that represents ideas they believe in.

The Serbian Progressive Party (SNS) has the biggest membership of 700,000 people, and it remains popular with the growing membership. The Party of United Pensioners (PUPS) claims that it has about 120,000 members, while the Socialist Party of Serbia (SPS) has over 100,000 members. The Serbian Radical Party (SRS) membership numbers 45,000, while 50,000 people have the membership card of the Democratic Party (DS). The Social-Democratic Party of Serbia (SDPS) has about 25,000 members, the Serbian Renewal Movement (SPO) 20,000, the Alliance of Vojvodina Hungarians (SVM) close to 10,000 …

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“Our members are mostly retired, but we also have active young people and women, who number between 5,000 and 7,000”,  Momo Čolaković, from the PUPS, says and adds: “We charge a membership fee of 120 dinars per annum. Our municipal and city committtes have the right exempt members from paying the membership fee if their pensions are low, which means that a substantial number of our members doesn’t have to pay the fee”.

The Serbian Radical Party (SRS) also keeps very detailed membership records.

“We have a list containing all those who have ever contacted the SRS that has the names of about 600,000 people. In addition to their names, they are listed according to their current status, whether they are alive and paying the membership fee, or whether they have moved abroad or went to another party”, Miljan Damjanovic from the SRS explains and states that close to 45,000 people paid the membership last year.

He adds that the return of their leader Vojislav Seselj from The Hague resulted in more people joining the party, and in just one year since his comeback to Serbia, there were 1,100 new members.

The SPO officials say that their membership has not changed since the year 2000.

“We have about 20,000 people and we have committees all over Serbia and in the diaspora” – says the SPO.

The parties mostly charge a symbolic membership fee of about 100 dinars a year.

Democrats and membership fees

The Democratic Party (DS) has recently elected a new leadership, and only the committee delegates, who have paid the membership fee, have the right to vote in the party. A total of 50,000 membership fees have been paid into the DS’ account. At the moment, there is no public information regarding the number of the Democratic Party members.

(Vecernje Novosti, 05.07.2018)


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