Every fourth student would like to leave Serbia

One third of students in Serbia plan to leave for abroad after completing their education, and among them, over 90% have the support of their parents in doing so, while 70% have relatives and friends abroad on whose help they are counting.

This is what the results of the Student Migration Research, carried out by the office of the minister in charge of demographics, Slavica Djukic Dejanovic show. The minister says that the most worrysome information in the survey was that a quarter of those students who would like to live abroad had already decided to do so, regardless of the measures that the state has been taking in order to keep them in Serbia.

The Minister points out that the aim of the research is to gather all data that will help with devising concrete measures that would keep young people in Serbia.

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When it comes to the planned length of stay abroad, 50% of those students who leave Serbia do not plan to return, 19% would return, but they want to come back with  enough money to start their own business in Serbia, while 13, 8% would return when the economic situation in Serbia was better and more stable.

11.013 students from state and private universities participated in the survey in Serbia. Most of the students who want to leave are the ones how are studying ICT, 36.5% of them are medical students, while over 30% of them are students who are studying social sciences.

Germany is the most popular country to live in, according to the every fourth student, namely 24% of them who would leave Serbia would leave it for Germany. The second most popular is the US (11%), followed by Switzerland (10.7%), Austria (8.7%) and Norway (6.3%).

“Germany is in the first place most desirable countries for studies in all areas, except for IT students who would like to go to the US and start working there”,  says Djukic Dejanovic.

The minister adds that 28.5 is the average age for young people leaving Serbia, and that every fourth that leaves Serbia has a university degree.

“We cannot just be sad about this information, but we must have a proactive attitude. We need to intensify cooperation with the intellectuals in the Serbian diaspora and this is one of the tasks” – says Djukic Dejanovic.

(eKapija, 21.06.2018)


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