Event in Novi Sad – Great cheeses of Sardinia since 1927

The Grandi Formaggi Sardi Dal 1927 event (“Great cheeses of Sardinia since 1927”), will be held on Tuesday, December 20, from 6:00 p.m. at the KORPA Deli Market & Bistro restaurant in 2, Veselina Masleše Street in Novi Sad.

This informative and gastronomic event is organized under the auspices of the European Union, the Republic of Italy, the region of Sardinia, as well as POR FESR Sardegna (Regional Operational Programs financed by the European Fund for the Regional Development of Sardinia). Guests will have a one-of-a-kind opportunity to try and get to know the tastes and traditions of a unique, beautiful and still underexplored island, which has preserved the oldest and original traditions of the Mediterranean for centuries.

The hosts will serve an appetizer made of different types of Pecorino Sardo DOP cheeses from pure sheep’s milk, which will be represented by none other than the owner of the Mannoni Company, the famous producer of Pecorino cheese which produces over 30 types of this Sardinian delicacy. The appetizer will also include salami from Sardinia, as well as honey and marmalades characteristic of this Italian island.

As the main course, the main chef of the Korpa restaurant will prepare pasta with Pecorino cheese for you, while for dessert there will be cannoli with sweet ricotta and tiramisu with mascarpone cheese.

Cannonau and Vermentino wines and liqueurs from this Italian geographic gem surrounded by the Tyrrhenian and Mediterranean seas will surely round off your experience of Sardinia.

Come tonight, at 6 pm, and enjoy in the delights of Sardinian cuisine.

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