Even waiters can check whether guests have COVID passes

The so-called COVID wardens have the authority to check COVID passes after 20:00h in restaurants, bars, casinos and betting shops, as well as to ask to see the customer’s ID or any other document to prevent the misuse of the pass.

They are authorized to do so based on the Government Decree on Measures to Prevent and Suppress Infectious Disease Covid-19.

COVID passes have now been in use in catering establishments for more than two weeks and since Monday, with the changes to the government decree, this document is mandatory from 20:00h instead of 22:00h.

The fact that this anti-epidemic measure has been extended and prolonged has again raised the question of whether the COVID wardens, who are obliged to check the passes, have the right not to let customers in. According to the new regulation, they do so and they also have to check the pass against any sort of personal document that features the holder’s photograph (like ID card, passport, driving licence, etc.) in order to detect possible misuse.

Most of the catering establishments did not designate a special person to do this. “In my establishment, this task is entrusted to security. In some establishments, waiters or managers perform the check.  So far, we haven’t had any problems with our guests showing us COVID passes,” says a restaurateur.

Deputy Health Minister Goran Stamenkovic says that the inspection has penalized 18 restaurateurs with the maximum fine, especially in Novi Sad, Sombor, Belgrade, Nis, Valjevo and Sabac.

The fine for non-compliance with the COVID pass is 300,000 dinars for legal entities, 150,000 dinars for small businesses, 50,000 dinars for the establishment’s general manager, 30,000 dinars for a COVID warden and 5,000 dinars for guests.

(Blic, 09.11.2021)


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