Even NIS cannot use Russian oil because of sanctions

The EU’s new set of sanctions against Russia makes it impossible for the Petroleum Industry of Serbia (NIS) to acquire Russian crude oil.

However, the Serbian Ministry of Mines and Energy says that the supply of all other types of crude oil, except Russian, could continue through the Croatian port of Omišalj.

The ministry explains that Serbia is not the only European country affected by the new set of EU sanctions, and adds that the Serbian government is doing everything in its power to ensure the security of supply.

“From the moment the 6th set of EU sanctions comes into effect, all EU members have been given a 6-month period for its implementation, in which all existing contracts should be completed and spot purchases of crude oil made. For oil derivatives, this transition period is 8 months,” the press release reads.

The press release also reads that that refers to all purchases that are made by ship to port. It points out that exceptions to the EU member states’ 6th set concern those who are supplied with Russian crude through pipelines. “Hungary and Slovakia can continue to receive Russian crude oil by pipeline, but after 8 months they can no longer sell oil derivatives produced from imported crude oil to EU members or third countries. Bulgaria, the Czech Republic and Croatia are exempt from this due to their specific situation and have the possibility to receive it in the future after a period of 8 months, but are obliged to provide alternative supply routes,” the press release concludes.

(B92, 05.06.2022)




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