Eurostat: “People in Serbia work more than the rest of Europe”

The latest data from Eurostat (The Statistical Office of the European Union), published on January 12, show that people in Serbia worked more in the first three quarters of last year than their counterparts in other European countries.

The average working time in Serbia was 43.5 hours per week without taking into account possible out-of-hour work.

Workers in Serbia ranked 1st among the 35 European countries for which data were collected. The Dutch workers worked 31.2 hours on average, followed by Norwegian and Danish once, while in the region, the average working week in Croatia and Slovenia lasts just under 40 hours, and in Romania and Bulgaria just over 40 hours.

No data were collected from Turkey and Montenegro, which in 2020, along with Serbia, were the two countries that recorded the longest working week.

(eKapija, 21.02.2022)



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